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naoya, papaya, and tybalt - a trio of mischievous boys whom are also dating

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obviously art fight isn't over yet, but also since i haven't caught up with my archives yet i can't post what i've been doing

I'm aiming to reach a total of 50 attacks done (so i've got about 7 more to do this year).

Find me @ GoldComet there, I'm Team Sugar

also ?? i'm doing artfight this year?? sorta - my new job has me working a lot of overtime so i don't have much time to draw but i'm tryna at least get back to ppl that get me !

profile link here

im on team sugar!

whats up im alive and i still draw things sometimessssss

this is hazel- they're a hearthkin

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boys can be a little slutty. as a treat.

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jupiter has some amazing colours huh?

i wish imgs could go side-by-side but it's weird uploading the twins in separate posts so here they are together -- not-troll Kuruha (top) and Karura (bottom) are fauns

[kuruha = he/him, karura = she/her]

not-troll miru is a holstaur


slowly takin fantrolls and making them... Not fantrolls.

kerrim's a unicorn


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create an ai that looks exactly like you, what could go wrong

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amadeus doing a little late night snooping......

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The Lord Amirra

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doggo adesso

Companion Prints Part 1

Kinda like doin' a series, but without the pressure of having to do a buttload at once :P Both prints made 2019, these are the Spaceglass set.

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:3c being neurodivergent is like

:3c *gets distracted* *forgets to do something* *get distracted* *forgets to do something* *get distracted* *forgets to do something* *gets distracted* *forgets to do something* *gets distract-

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heres the deal with exposure from an art business graduate

moon -

Essentially the deal with the site is that: no one wants to join it cause no one's on it. obviously you can see the problem. a .null chicken before egg situation. secondly that not everyone has to like the art you post. if you make someone someone doesnt like, or doesnt appeal to them. they simply do not owe anyone anything. this also goes for artist. an artist can draw what they want and owe not a single person a thing.

Exposure comes into 3 pillars:

1. content

2. predictability

3. viewer pool

I'll explain these in the read more.

Content || the content you create is going to be the key factor. if you create art for say the most popular movies out right now, chances are anyone who comes across it is going to like it and spread the exposure, as well as a chance to become a dedicated fan. if you create a piece of concept art for an obscure comic you made which is unpublished, chances are someone isnt going to be interested and if the bare faced art doesnt hold up: it wont go very far.

Predictability || Predictability is one almost no one follows not even myself, but its key! you need to maintain your followers by consistently posting what you are known for and on a consistent schedule, that way people can come to expect when to look for your content, and what you will be posting. its like if suddenly your favorite food blog began posting about 14th century renditions of anime. pretty cool. but not what you came for. or if your favorite comic only updates once every 3 months but not on a specific date. you may not feel compelled to keep track of it. the way a monthly or weekly comic would.

Viewer Pool || Viewership pool is VERY ultimatlely not up to you, but it does have the biggest impact. the above listed is about increasing your odds to have dedicated fans based on who views your content. the aforementioned problem is that if there is no pool? no viewers.
if your mathmatical chances of finding a dedicated viewer is 1/10 per exposed viewer, thats amazing. but if you only have 5 users, where does that leave you? advertising is ENTIRELY dedicated to opening up these numbers, but at the end of the day. there's not much you can do besides try your best to increase these numbers.

Now. you're like. moon you bastard why are you saying this. well. 2 reasons.

1. this should be a good grounding for artists who dont have much expirience in getting exposure and understanding what kind of content to make and when. and

2. pointing out that waterfall isnt that big, and if you dont make an effort to increase the pool, liken your numbers with these rules and interact with others you wont get much.

Heres some tips from yours truly:

  • Try interacting with others, comments ESPECIALLY will be noticed, but reblogging is just as good.

  • Try to cater to what's popular in between your personal stuff

  • Post something. anything! even sketches! just keeping content consistent is key.

  • Try inviting people from other platforms and be sure to give them a warm welcome..!

thats all i got. if you want more tips feel free to shoot me a message.

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Mercutio Expression Practice

-Twitter Mirror-

i did a toonme...! this is... an old picture but i haven't changed very much over the years so its good enough @ u @;;;

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I haven't drawn Chandra in ages so I just /had/ to sketch him 😭 He's a lunar deity in a world I've been working on for a while now (the same one Dria and Edy are in) and boi o h boi I wish I could continue worldbuilding soon.

Oh and he has a Toyhouse profile too! It's still a WIP though and I haven't really updated it in a while ;w;

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